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Welcome to is the nation's leading training website and newsletter for the entrepreneurial minded person who is looking for opportunities on how to start a foreclosure cleanup business, within the multi-billion dollar property preservation, trashout and foreclosure cleaning maintenance boom.


The property preservation or foreclosure cleaning business is a part of the REO industry. REO is an acronym standing for Real Estate Owned. In other words, it pertains to foreclosed properties and has been called one of the best businesses to start today for the small entrepreneur and can be started and operated:


  • Without high overhead
  • Without an expensive building to operate
  • Without franchise fees
  • With Zero experience
  • Low to no start up costs (Depending on your set up)
  • Without having to do all of the work yourself


There are an estimated 7 million mortgages that have either been foreclosed on or are somewhere within the foreclosure process. Due to the decline in the economy and rising unemployment rates, this number is consistently growing. Recently, a federal law was passed requiring that the financial institutions that own these foreclosed properties to properly maintain them until they are sold, which can take years in some cases.


This means that there are millions of properties that need to be cleaned, serviced and maintained on a regular basis. Since the banks and financial institutions don't perform these services themselves, they have sought out individuals and small companies on a national basis that understand the property preservation and foreclosure services industry who can either perform the required services themselves or have them completed by someone else on their behalf .


This has created a tremendous opportunity for individuals like you all across the nation, to profit by providing the required cleaning foreclosed homes and maintenance services on these foreclosed properties. You can make money part-time, full –time, or as a secondary or retirement income having these foreclosures cleaned and maintained for years to come. is the nation's leading resource for the entrepreneurial minded people who want to learn the truth about how to generate income within the property preservation, REO (Bank Owned/ foreclosure maintenance) and related industries. We train and provide information to individuals and businesses of all types ranging from newbies who are looking for property preservation jobs, to those who are seasoned property preservation business owners.


Our mission is to supply the information, tools, and support that can give ANYONE who has aspirations of starting their own property preservation business or growing their current business, the confidence to succeed and to meet their goals.


Please join us on this successful journey to reach your goals and lead the life that you and your family deserve.


To learn more, download our free 23–page guide here: “Foreclosure Secrets” 7 simple tips to profit from foreclosures. 


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