Cleaning Out Foreclosed Homes: Contacting The Right People

Everyone is interested in starting their own cleaning company these days. Reasonably so, as this industry has taken off, and there is enough room for everyone involved. As the number of foreclosed homes continues to rise, and homes are left abandoned, the need for cleaning experts in the field is huge. Starting your own foreclosure cleaning business is the easy part. It’s who you have to contact to get the right jobs that matters.


Your biggest customers are going to be banks, and REO realtors. These are the people who hire the cleaning businesses. The problem though is that they always use national contractors. These are the big companies that are usually franchised, and can reach all across the United States. The trick that people fail to realize, is that by contacting the banks and realtors yourself is a waste of time. They don’t care about your small business, and probably won’t ever hire you unless you’ve made some type of connection.


The easiest way to get work coming straight to you is by signing up with a national vendor, who will in turn sub-contract the work out to you. These large companies that take on the work, commonly do this as a way to save themselves time and money. In the process you get local work that pays a good amount of money. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and you find a way to get consistent work.


Advertising your business is huge when it comes to the cleaning industry. There are many people just like you who are interested in starting their own small business, and usually they do. After a few months they give up, and someone else takes their place. In order to cement your business in the game, you have to be willing to put in the time to advertise your business everywhere you go. Create a brand name for yourself, and back it up with reliability and trust. These bigger companies love hiring cleaning businesses with a good track record.


The Internet is your friend. There are so many websites that make it much easier for you to submit your business information to the right people. Making contacts in this digital age is an easy thing to do. In most cases, an e-mail will suffice with a simple message stating who you are, and what your business can provide them with. You also want to sign up with any vendor lists available out there. This way when a bank or realtor needs something cleaned, they know where to find you. A good recommendation is signing up at the REO network. This is one of the well known vendor websites that will attract the right attention to your business. Make sure your business is licensed and bonded though before you do any of this work.


Contacting the right people to get your foreclosure cleaning business off the ground is essential to making it work, and creating a viable small business. Advertising is queen, and all your efforts should constantly revolve around her. Develop a brand, an identity, and let it be known that you’re reliable and trustworthy. If you take the time to put your business out there, I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Work will come flowing to you, and you can then begin making a steady income again.


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