Cleaning Up Foreclosed Homes. What Does It Take?

The foreclosure industry is booming right now. It’s sad for the many homeowners left facing an uncertain future, but where misfortune strikes, there will always lie opportunity. It’s a fact, that starting your own foreclosure cleaning business is helping many people beat the down economy. With so many homes left sitting empty, there is an abundance of work for people who start businesses in this industry. Below we’ll take you through what it requires to join in on this thriving opportunity, and what you can do to make it work out right for you.


The first question is always the one you’ll hear first. How do I begin? While we’d like to answer this for you in depth, our advice is to do as much research as possible in the foreclosure cleaning industry, and find out as  much as you can. There will not be a one stop source to finding out everything you need to do. In fact, a lot of the things you’ll find out about will occur once you actually have everything started, and go out on your first job.


You need to dive in head first, and take charge when starting a cleaning business. Create a name for yourself, and establish relationships around the community. Advertise everywhere you go. Don’t let any opportunity escape you. It’s going to take some work, and a little bit of time, but we promise that the rewards far outweigh the troubles.


The next question people always ask is how much should I expect to make? While again, this is a very generic question, it differs according to many different things. Some of these include where you start your business, how many jobs you take on, and what experience you have. You’ll find that once you get your foot in the door, and work a few jobs, the pay will increase over time.


The great thing about owning your own foreclosure clean out business is that you decide when you want to work. You decide what properties you want to clean up. Everything is up to you. So whether you want to work everyday of the week, or simply wish to have a part-time job, the decisions are all yours. There are many people who currently make anywhere from 5-15k a month working their own cleaning businesses. Of course this number varies greatly, and really depends on a variety of circumstances. You can also make much more if you grow your company into something even bigger.


The last question we’ll cover today is where can you find your customers? A great question that once again has many answers. Depending on exactly how you want to market your cleaning business, will determine who your exact customers are. Think about it like this. Anyone can be your customer. Realistically, everyone needs something cleaned. Since we’re focusing on foreclosure cleaning you will want to target banks and real estate agents. These are the people who hire businesses like yours to clean vacant homes, and return them to proper condition.


Don’t be afraid to make phone calls, and form connections with these people. You want to always be forming relationships with the right people who do the hiring. Once you have a couple jobs under your belt, and some happy customers, you’ll find that the jobs will start coming to you! It’s a great feeling, and lets you know that you have achieved success.


So what are you waiting for? Get out there, and start making a name for yourself today. The weak economy, and high unemployment numbers are your motivation! The foreclosure cleanup business is an industry that is taking off as we speak. Start your journey today, and become an expert in no time. Good luck!



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