High Foreclosure Rates Effecting Everyone

Every year since 2006, the statistics signifying the amount of foreclosures in the United States has steadily increased. By now every one has heard, or experienced it first hand for themselves. Our housing market is in a state of crisis, and there doesn’t seem to be much help on the way. All across the country, many homeowners are facing the incredibly difficult decision to foreclose on their once dream home. States like California, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida have all been hit extremely hard. Not only are there foreclosures, but the declining housing prices compound an already difficult situation.


Over 2.3 million homes throughout the country have gone through, or are in the process of going through a stage of foreclosure. This number reflects the amount of homeowners in just the last year that are experiencing tough times. When the analysts specify homeowners, they often neglect the fact that their are over 7 million families going through this too. Displaced and low on funds, many families are resorting to drastic methods to make ends meet. Many times moving in with family members, or staying in places that offer little room.


One reason why the housing crisis continues to show increasing numbers is because the method to handle foreclosures never expected this many. The system was not designed to handle so many foreclosures, and many banks were simply unprepared to say the least. This has resulted in the courts falling behind, and foreclosures sitting in the pipeline. It has become so bad that many homes sit vacant for months and months waiting just be officially seized. This backlog of homes has created an interesting job market that has always been around, but are now seeing an explosion of growth.


Property preservation companies are who the banks contact to maintain, clean, and repair homes that have been left by former owners in disarray. Since people don’t care what condition their foreclosed homes are in, they often leave a mess for the banks to clean up for themselves. By using a combination of property preservation companies and individuals with cleaning businesses, the banks have found a way to keep foreclosed homes decent for future sale.


The current foreclosure rates don’t appear to be headed towards a decline anytime soon. With a combination of many factors such as high unemployment, a slow foreclosure process, weak economy with low home values, and few options to make ends meet, homeowners are not being given a fair chance. In the current housing environment it is almost impossible to escape without being effected.


States across the country are seeing major cities being pummeled with foreclosure filings. It’s no longer a problem associated with only the Western half of the country. Although California is indeed one of the leaders in foreclosure rates, the rest of Americans are feeling the effects as well. If you manage to successfully pay your mortgage on time, you’re still being hit by record low home prices. You may be paying your mortgage, but your home value just decreased by over 20%. In some shape or way, almost everyone can feel the effects of a housing market in trouble, whether it’s positive or negative.


In today's economic climate, people can’t rely on Corporate America anymore for their livelihoods. Many established companies have either went  out of business or went through massive layoffs, and many people are in need of taking control of their financial future. Establishing a property preservation business is a great solution. If you'd like to learn more about this opportunity, we've developed a complimentary webinar to give you the tools you'll need to not only start a property preservation business, but to have it making you money, and not frustrated. Our model is simple and easy to implement and gives you an opportunity to make money on your own.


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