What Can A Property Preservation Company Accomplish For You?

A record number of homes are being foreclosed on everyday as the housing crisis continues into 2012. People faced with high mortgage payments are unable to afford the bill any longer with the high unemployment rates, and dismal economy. Once someone moves from the home they have foreclosed on, it often sits vacant for long periods of time before anyone moves into it. This is currently happening across the country, and for longer amounts of time because fewer people are buying. As a result, demand has sky rocketed for property preservation companies to come in and secure the properties sitting vacant.


A preservation company can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Currently, many banks are searching for these businesses to help clean and repair homes that are being prepared to be sold. Oftentimes the homes in question have been foreclosed on, and need quite a bit of work to be done to them. Since the current and future rate of foreclosures are so high, the demand for property preservation companies has increased exponentially.


When a company is called in to work on a home, there are various steps and procedures that are followed. The locks on all doors and windows are checked, changed, and the doors are usually dead bolted. They will also check to see if any entrances to the home are available, and if so, they will board these areas up to prevent animals and people from entering. The entire property is looked over, and any pool situations are handled accordingly.


One of the biggest tasks presented to property preservation companies in these situations is to clean up. Abandoned homes are usually full of garbage, and the yards scattered with debris. These companies must haul away all the junk, and make the place appear sale friendly. Items inside the home are most often thrown away, and all garbage is collected and brought to the dump. Any vehicles or scraps left on the property are disposed of properly, and any waste products are removed in accordance with the regulations these companies must follow.


Many property preservation companies also provide extra services to take advantage of. Winterizing a home is a common offering that these companies can also perform in areas that need it. This will include specific steps taken to prevent any pipes from breaking during the cold winter months. All water is drained from the pipes, and the main water supply is shut off to prevent any damage from occurring.


After all these steps are taken, the preservation company can monitor the location to ensure that everything is how it should be up until sale time. The mortgage holder will also usually request that the company does a thorough cleaning of the entire home when it is being prepared to be shown by real estate agents to potential buyers.


Now is a great time to get into the property maintenance industry. With the demand soaring for these types of companies, you’ll find work very easily once you establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with. Don’t be afraid to start your own property preservation business because it’s very easy to do. All you need to do is get a business license, and acquire some general liability insurance. After you have these two things, you can begin on your journey to finding vast amounts of work.



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