Investment Opportunity: Own a Foreclosure and Property Maintenance Business Today

Ghost communities have begun to emerge across the United States. Entire neighborhoods have been foreclosed upon or abandoned, leaving a string of uninhabited properties in their wake. These properties revert to the banks and become real estate owned property. By hiring a foreclosure cleaning and maintenance business, banks and other lenders can prevent looting that often occurs in abandoned properties. Hiring this type of company also allows real estate agents to show the homes to prospective buyers so that the bank can make a new mortgage. Owning a foreclosure cleaning and maintenance business now is a great opportunity and involves several responsibilities.


Why Is Now the Best Time to Own a Foreclosure Cleaning and Maintenance Business?


As unemployment rates have gone up and incomes have gone down, many individuals have gotten behind on their mortgages. Banks have responded by foreclosing upon homes at a higher rate than in decades past. Other individuals have found out that their mortgages far outweigh the value of their home and have abandoned their properties. This has created a supply of foreclosed homes that must be attended to by a professional company.




Foreclosure cleaning and property maintenance companies are responsible for a variety of tasks. Some of the responsibilities are listed here.


In-House Cleaning


Foreclosure cleaning and maintenance company employees must clean the inside of the home. They remove any debris and trash indoors. They clean floors and vacuum the carpets. They scrub floors, ceiling and walls. Appliances are cleaned. Bathrooms and fixtures are also cleaned thoroughly.


Window Washing


Interior and exterior windows are also cleaned thoroughly. Skylights must also be cleaned.


Pressure Washing


The exterior of the home may also need to be pressure washed. You may spray the façade of the home, the porch or the deck. The driveway may also need to be sprayed.


Lawn Maintenance


The lawn may also need to be mowed. You may need to remove weeds. You may also need to use a leaf blower or rake up leaves. During the winter you may need to shovel the driveway. You may also need to plant new bushes or flowers to increase the curb appeal of the property.


House Maintenance


The company may also have to make small repairs and complete maintenance tasks, such as installing appliances, installing light bulbs, fixing a door hinge or mounting a window screen. You may also need to install new faucets.


In today's economic climate, people can’t rely on Corporate America anymore for their livelihoods. Many established companies have either went  out of business or went through massive layoffs, and many people are in need of taking control of their financial future. Establishing a property preservation business is a great solution. If you'd like to learn more about this opportunity, we've developed a complimentary webinar to give you the tools you'll need to not only start a property preservation business, but to have it making you money, and not frustrated. Our model is simple and easy to implement and gives you an opportunity to make money on your own.


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