Starting A Foreclosure Cleanup Business May Keep You Out Of The Poor House

Wondering how a foreclosure cleanup business can keep you out of the poor house?  With unemployment rates running close to the all time high in history for America, there are many people out of work, facing bankruptcy and foreclosure of their properties. In April 2012 the unemployment rate dipped to 8.1%, which is down from the record high of 10.8% in November 1982.  In May of 1953 unemployment hit a record low of 2.5%, with an average United States Unemployment Rate of 5.8%.


This high unemployment rate does not really show the clear picture, because the rate only considers people who have collected unemployment and finished their unemployment cycle.  There are millions of people who lost their job and did not collect unemployment, so they are not counted in the above rates, which makes the rate much higher than reported.


This also does not take into account for all the people that are on the verge of losing their job because of downsizing, or companies filing bankruptcy and going out of business.  There are people who have had their jobs for decades, thinking they had job security, however they sit on the edge of their seats knowing they could lose their job anytime, and often without notice.


This terrible unemployment situation in America is causing people to rethink their old ideas of getting a job with a big company for job security and staying there until they retire.  Many people are beginning to realize they must be in charge of their financial future by opening their own business. The problem with this is, many people do not have any money saved up to start a business, or know what kind of business to open, because their skills are limited. 


A foreclosure cleanup business is the perfect type of business to open for these type of people, because it does not take a lot of money to start, and does not require any specialized skills. A foreclosure business can also be started in your spare time, to build up and replace your full time job.


Another reason opening a foreclosure cleanup business is a good idea, is because of the amount of foreclosures that are becoming available.  There are a couple of reasons for this, the first being the vast amount of people that are out of work and could not pay their mortgage, so their houses went into foreclosure. 


The other reason there are so many foreclosures on the market now, is because many people purchased during the real estate bubble when prices were greatly inflated.  When the real estate bubble burst, real estate prices plummeted, and the value of many people’s properties is now much less than their mortgage.  There is a great percentage of these people that are just walking away from their properties, and letting them go into foreclosure.


These two reasons have caused one of the greatest amounts of foreclosed properties that America has ever seen. There are millions of foreclosed properties, and in many cases the people were removed through eviction.  Lots of these people had nowhere to go and just walked away from their house leaving a lot of things behind that will have to be cleaned out.


There is also another scenario that has happened to many of these foreclosed properties.  Some of the people that have lost their houses, are very upset about the circumstances, and when they vacate them, they do intentional damage to the property, which will need to be repaired.


Foreclosure cleanup companies are in high demand because of these reasons.  Foreclosed properties that are full of possessions and dirty, or damaged must be cleaned and repaired.  Houses that have sat for a period of time in foreclosure will also have to be cleaned and maintained, so there is additional opportunity.  Many properties are taking over 2 years to go through the foreclosure process, requiring yard work and other things that need to be maintained.


When the houses sit, they invite the homeless, vandals, and young people looking for a place to hang out.  Windows get broken, and additional damage is often done to the foreclosed property.  Rodents, and pests are also a bad problem with these foreclosed properties that have been sitting empty for months and years.


This situation is going to go on for years, so opening a foreclosure cleanup business now could very well create a very lucrative income stream for years to come.  The banks have been sitting on shadow inventory for over a year, thinking they did not want to flood the market with foreclosures.  Now the foreclosed properties are piling up, and even the government is getting involved with plans of turning some of Fannie Mae’s foreclosed inventory into rentals.


Opening a foreclosure cleanup business now can position you as the industry leader in your area.  You can start small, by doing all the work yourself, and bring on more people as your business grows.  You can also build a family business that will provide work for your entire family for many years to come.  Take this downturn in the economy, and make it work to your advantage.


You probably own most of the equipment you will need, like a lawn mower, leaf blower, lawn edger, tools, ladder, and other equipment you use around your own house.  Inside the house you will need cleaning supplies, paint, and possibly things to make small repairs.  Any of the repairs that you cannot handle, you can always sub contract out.


You may think that starting a foreclosure cleanup business will be too hard for you.  That you will not know the ins and outs that are required for success, wondering how you will get the jobs, along with other worries.  A national Property Preservation expert reveals how you can capitalize on this recession proof business with very little financial risk, and turn a nice profit In 45 days or less, guaranteed!


A proven system for starting your own Foreclosure Cleaning and Maintenance Business that is guaranteed to work for you, will help you get started on the road to success. The “How To Start A Foreclosure Cleaning Business Proven Profit System” is an “A-Z” system that you can use for starting your own Foreclosure Cleaning Business which covers everything that you need to know to be successful in a Foreclosure Cleanup Business.


If you want to learn some inside secrets to profiting from foreclosed properties right in your own local area, regardless of the current or future economic conditions get the free “Foreclosure Secrets” report.  The Foreclosure Secrets report will provide you with 7 simple tips to profit from foreclosures.  You will learn valuable tips like, where to find the foreclosures in your area, and how to position yourself as the go to company, which can provide a lucrative income stream for years to come.


The “Foreclosure Secrets” report also reveals the secret services that are now required by federal law which throw off residual income on a monthly basis that you can profit from by completing a simple online form.  The report also explains why these laws have created a unique opportunity for you to profit for many years.


So now you see why opening a foreclosure cleanup business is a no brainer, and how it can create you and your family a lucrative, secure income stream for years to come.



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