Legitimate Work At Home Opportunity

Some people want to start home based businesses, because they understand that the workplace is changing, and that to prosper they will have to stay in the industries that are in demand during the current economy of the United States.  Foreclosed properties are at all time highs in many areas of America, and found in every community in the U.S. 


Taking advantage of the fact that there are millions upon millions of foreclosure listings, with more being continually added to the inventory in the near future, plus knowing what to do with these foreclosures, will provide a lucrative income stream for people that want to earn money working from home.


Genuine Work from Home Opportunity

This is one of the best work from home jobs to start on a shoestring budget, because you already have most of the knowledge to do this job.  The tools that you will need, you probably already have, or can be obtained very inexpensively.  There is also not a lot of marketing and advertising required, because a couple of good clients can supply you with all the work you can handle..


Someone will need to clean out and maintain these foreclosures that are in your area, some of them might be in your neighborhood.  You can run a foreclosure cleaning business in a variety of ways, depending upon how much of the work you want to complete yourself.  Foreclosure clean up jobs will require the following things, but not limited to, it all depends upon the house.


  • Haul all the trash away, on the inside and on the outside of the property
  • Change Locks
  • Replace broken windows
  • Fix Sheetrock, fill holes, etc.
  • Paint
  • Replace burned out lightbulbs, fix broken light fixtures
  • Clean Carpet and floors
  • Clean the inside of the home to show potential buyers
  • Mow the lawn, edge, weed eat, and pull weeds from flower beds, plus add new flowers
  • Other minor house maintenance and repairs, and major cleaning


Any of the above tasks you feel like you cannot perform, like hauling off the trash because you have no pickup or trailer, can be contracted out.  You may want someone else to do the lawn work, just find someone who can complete the lawn work that the foreclosed land, or foreclosure listings require. 


Another option is to complete all the work yourself, or use members of your family to complete some parts of the foreclosure cleanup process.  Some people feel that the best home business opportunities, are starting a cleaning business to clean up foreclosures, and contracting out some or all the work.  They just get the jobs, bid the jobs, and contract the portion they choose out to different contractors they have previously lined up.


These different options allow you to start cleaning out foreclosures with very little capital, making it one of the best home based businesses to open in this economy. You could always start by doing all the work yourself, then once you are ready, expand and contract out some of the work. This strategy will increase the number of foreclosures you clean out, resulting in a higher amount of revenue, along with decreasing the amount of work you actually have to perform.


The foreclosure clean up business is also known by other names, including trashout services,  cleaning foreclosed REO properties, Property Preservation Companies and the foreclosure trash out business just to name a few. A Property Preservation business handles the same things that foreclosure trash out companies handle.


This legitimate work at home opportunity has the ability to provide a very lucrative income stream for years to come.  Especially for the savvy people that want to learn how to start a cleaning business for foreclosures, because they understand to prosper in this new economy, they will have to work from home.



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