Starting A Foreclosure Clean Up Business Is A Lucrative Option For Financial Stability

Have you ever thought about starting a Foreclosure Cleaning business?  With foreclosures climbing into the millions in America, now is the time to consider this lucrative business.  The next few years foreclosures will continue to rise because of the unstable economy and climbing unemployment rate. released a survey showing that people who want to buy foerclosed homes has increased by 159% since Oct. 2009.  The study says that currently 64.9% of home buyers today are more than likely to end up purchasing a foreclosed property compared to 25.3% just 2 and a half years ago.  This means the millions of foreclosed properties will have to be cleaned before they can go back on the market to be sold to home buyers.


With the number of people that are unemployed, or unsure about the stability of their current employment, many people would greatly appreciate the opportunities that are becoming available in the foreclosure business.  A business cleaning up foreclosures can be a great opportunity for many people that want a more stable income.


You will not need special skills, or a lot of money to start up a foreclosure cleaning company, which makes opening a foreclosure cleanning business much easier for many people.  This type of business is needed in every state, and most likely every city of America.  Currently foreclosed properties are everywhere, so you will not even have to travel to find work in this booming industry.


Banks, mortgage companies, and even government agencies like HUD, do not have people on staff to repair, clean and maintain these properties, so they must contract out the work.  You can contract from these companies, and if you provide a good level of service these companies will call you over and over again.


You may feel you could never start a business in an industry that you do not know anything about.  All you have to do is find someone that is already knowledgeable in the business, to show you the ropes.  Many people in the industry are very tight lipped, because they know how lucrative the market is and do not want to share a piece of their pie.  There are a few people though that have made it big in the Foreclosure Cleaning industry, and are willing to share their experiences.


"Hi Anthony, my name is Jay Mason and I had my own mortgage branch for the last 10 years in Albuquerque, NM. For the last 2 years it was like pulling teeth to get any loans done and I was using my credit cards to stay afloat and waited too long. Things were getting really bad. At the end of February 2011 I saw you in a webinar on the "TWBS Daily Show". Before it was over I had said to myself, that's what I'm going to do, and I got out my credit card and signed up for your training kit. That was the start of my new business. I had most of the things I needed to start. I had to get a generator and air compressor. I now have 2 master contractors sending me work and have decided to stay small for now so I don't need employees. I'm making enough money so I can pay off my cards and my other monthly bills. I'm on the road to freedom. Also, going from a desk job to working in the field I have lost 45 lbs and am in great shape. That was an extra benefit that I got. Thanks you so much for all you do for us."


Having a mentor that is already successful in the industry can mean the difference in success and failure.  If you feel like Jay Mason and think starting a Foreclosure Cleaning business is worth investigating, get the free Foreclosure Secrets guide to learn the 7 Simple Tips to Profit from Foreclosures.  This guide will provide you with many industry secrets, including where to find the business.  Cutting the learning curve can help you become successful right from the beginning.  There are 9 key factors that can mean the difference in success and failure in this business, so knowing them in advance can greatly increase your chance of success.



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