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Here's How ForeclosureCash.net Helps You Reach Success More Quickly


ForeclosureCash.net was founded by Frank R. Patrick, two of the nation's leading authorities in the REO, property preservation, and foreclosure servicing industries who have personally trained hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurial minded people from all walks of life and experience levels in reaching success in business.


Frank work with a nationwide network of banks, lenders, mortgage insurance companies, asset management companies and property preservation master contractors who deal with foreclosed and distressed properties.


We aim to provide proven systems, training, and products that enable smart, but overwhelmed people and business owners in the foreclosure servicing industry to increase profitability, eliminate wasted effort and frustration, and creating more quality free time to spend with their families.


Most of our clients were previously trying to succeed by starting their own businesses without the necessary knowledge that is required to reach success. This caused a lot of headache and frustration and resulted in nothing more than another glorified job that required them to work more hours than they did before going into business for themselves.


With the economy continuing to decline, we aim to make a positive impact that will help provide people and business owners within the property preservation and foreclosure servicing industries a solid and proven plan that will increase their success and quality of life, which will in turn provide their employees and contractors with long-term income as well as making positive improvements in their local geographies from the services they provide on distressed properties and neighborhoods.


Many good people have followed the American dream of trying to start their own business without the proper blueprint and quickly realize that the business ends up owning all of their time and keeps them from enjoying all of the great things that they started the business for to begin with. They have created a trap that cannot be escaped.


The goals of ForeclosureCash.net are:

  • To teach how to grow successful businesses in the property preservation and foreclosure services industry and to leverage resources that will enable them to retain profits but limit the time they need to be present.
  • To enable these people and businesses to make more profits and create more quality free time with friends and family.
  • To enable people to network in a professional and supportive environment.
  • To offer ongoing dynamic cutting-edge business building resources to help people grow their business and their own personal performance in the foreclosure servicing marketplace.
  • To assist people in the proper methods to acquire customers by making contact with banks, lenders, asset management companies and property preservation companies that need competent professionals to service their properties.


Meet The Founder Of ForeclosureCash.net





Since then Frank has trained thousands of people on how to succeed in the property preservation and foreclosure services industries and continue to provide cutting edge training and resources that allow even the most inexperienced to excel in this business.




Frank R. Patrick


Frank R. Patrick: Co-founder of ForeclosureCash.net


Frank R. Patrick was born in Kansas City, MO with an entrepreneurial personality that encouraged him to try out new businesses and careers paths.


Frank had a very successful stint as a business consultant in the beauty products industry with one of the largest companies in the world. He made a six figure income and was one of the company owners "go to people" when he wanted something implemented. Frank was the guy to do it and was highly respected and was frequently invited on private trips abroad to England.


Frank's entrepreneurial spirit was being limited in this corporate environment and after some careful thought, left the beauty consulting industry and went into business for himself as a real estate agent.


Frank began his real estate career in 2000 after his successful12 year stint in the corporate world. Frank sought out a distinctive niche for himself, and found it after months of research, when he decided to specialize in REO (Real Estate Owned) listings, the industry term for bank-owned foreclosed homes.


Frank quickly became one of the top REO agents in the nation, averaging over 100 transactions per year for the last 8 years, and growing to over 214 sales plus from 2007 to present.


Frank is also a nationally recognized real estate success coach within the REO segment, where many of his students have created significant incomes learning how to list and sell bank owned properties and has been featured in many publications including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and America's Premier Experts just to name a few. His trade association ASREOS has also been nationally recognized.


In 2004 Frank expanded his REO business with his brother Scott Patrick and formed a property preservation company to offer property preservation services to REO sellers. Frank's solid understanding of the REO industry and Scott's 20+ years in the construction business was a recipe for success. This year, their property preservation business is on track to reach it’s highest level of success.


Frank 's goal is to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, and building up wealth to pass on to his kids and putting money away for the future. His spare time is spent enjoying life, family and friends. When he's not developing new business systems and training people, he builds fast Ford Mustangs to drag race, Spends time with family and friends including Anthony and his family taking ATV trips in the mountains and sand dunes.

Today Frank lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and two kids. His REO Real Estate Brokerage business, REO agent training business, and his trade association are still thriving today.


Using the skills Frank have developed as successful entrepreneurs, corporate success stories at some of the largest recognized companies in the world, they have been able to rapidly help people and business owners become better organized, more profitable, and have more quality time with friends and family by starting successful businesses in the property preservation and foreclosure servicing and related industries.


In 2009 Anthony and Frank formalized their training business by creating and launching what has come to be the nation's leading training website and newsletter within the property preservation and foreclosure services industries.


Working as both property preservation business owners, and consultants to others who desire to start successful businesses within this industry has enabled Frank to identify all of the problems those who wish to succeed in these businesses face. Even more importantly, they discovered that it may not be the people themselves that cause their businesses to fail, but rather that people start out believing that they must create everything themselves.


There is much that family business owners, and aspiring business owners may learn from Anthony and Frank's example, and wisdom. It's beyond doubt that Frank R. Patrick are highly intelligent and skilled entrepreneurs. They have more than 20 years of proven business success that fuels their proven training systems and delivering a lot of useful information, and much of it is both free and invaluable


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